Gillian was tall and thin with white-blonde hair trimmed close, tipped pink and moussed on end, raw eyes, and such taken-aback brows that, my first morning in the office—it was my only interview in New York—I thought I’d mistaken my day to be there.

“No, you’re on time,” she said. “You’ll get…


some projects have such a nice overall color palette.


some projects have such a nice overall color palette.


Just a quick thought on the Kindle Fire tablet. If Amazon makes sure that there are a lot of good premium “paid for” children’s apps in the Amazon appstore, I’m all in. With the iPad, I use the browser 95% of the time. However, my kids use apps 100% of their time, never the browser. Free,…


I wanted to share a quick few-hour game prototype to hopefully inspire a few people! The industry let-alone browser-based games seem very lacking in imagination and storytelling, or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough ;) but I miss games like Grim Fandango.

Below is a screenshot of the…


Anti-Sixers logo designed by Chris Stewart


Anti-Sixers logo designed by Chris Stewart

The Confederate (Constitution) contained another great idea that would certainly upgrade our own Constitution: it limited the president to a single term of six years. The lousy second-term president is one of the great curses of American history. When loyalists chant “four more years” at party conventions, it’s almost like they’re hexing their subjects. From George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, the disappointing presidential encore has become a dismal tradition. Given this pattern, even the most loyal Obama supporter must wonder whether re-election in 2012 would be worth it.

A Bad Document’s Good Idea, Disunion by the New York Times

Disunion is really, really good, by the way. It may be the best reading/writing on the internet.

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4store was included in the recent BSBM test for the first time. Other than the qualification test, we’d never run the BSBM benchmark before, so weren’t really sure what to expect.

Overall 4store gave a pretty good showing….


My colleague Vali Nasr, who was recently working with Dick Holbrook at the State Department, wrote these comments about the role of Turkey in the contemporary politics of the Middle East. It is perceptive and enlightening.